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P08 m.Tasche Wood Boxes and Custom Luger Accessories.

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The Parabellum P.08 or Luger, is one of the most recognized small arms in history. Not only was its design and mass production revolutionary for its time, like it's American counterpart the Model 1911 Colt, it served in both World Wars. P.08  production ended officially in 1942, in favor of the Walther P.38, the Walther being a simpler and more easily mass produced design. Still, the Luger soldiered on through the end of WW2, and was prized as a battlefield capture, why? Because it was, and still is an icon in small arms history. Few weapons are as easily recognized as the Luger, around the world the Parabellum P.08 is prized by collectors for the key role it has played in history. 

Like the pistol itself, the accessories, holsters, takedown tools, etc. are sought after by collectors, as the momentous times of the first half of the 20th century are being lost to us, as the men and women who lived through those times are being lost to us through the attrition of time.                         

Coming soon, accessories for your Parabellum 08/Luger.  Reproductions of the WW2 German Merchant Marine "Kiste" the rare wood box issued to ship Captains. They are made to original dimensions, the hook and clasp as well. There are only 6 known original examples of this fine box left in existence, as most did not survive the war, the last known selling price was over $2000! My boxes are priced affordably.

The boxes you see pictured below, are handmade by me, from the original specifications. They can be customized wth your choice of artwork, they will keep your Parabellum free from dust and damage, and, make a fine addtion to your collection, as very few of these boxes survived the war.
Also, Display covered boxes made from clear acrylic, perfect to show your rare pistol, yet keep the dust off. Also, Custom wood, and laser engraving, please see photos. All my products are handmade in the U.S.A.

My goal is to provide handmade items for the collector that are suited to their wishes, custom work is my specialty.

Currently I am testing to see what the demand is, for what I offer, the photos you see below are of the boxes I have already made, and as you can see I am also able to work with other images, provided by you. Contact me for pricing, based on what you wish, from a simplified version of the box to the faithful reproduction you see, to something custom for your collection that only you own.

Contact me for your individual custom needs, for Laser engraving, CNC Routering.

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